The degradation of the environment has been progressing for many years. More and more bad air, not only in large cities, but also in many resorts and spas, classify the UK as one of the most polluted countries in this respect.

Therefore, the rulers, both at the national and local level, had to take appropriate steps to limit polluted air. For this purpose, an anti-smog act has been prepared, and local authorities have put on quite precise resolutions that are to improve the situation.

Among the many changes, for example, the group of heating fuels is being eliminated and replaced with other, ecological ones. More importantly, the changes affect heating devices, including traditional fireplaces. It may seem to many that lighting a fireplace or heating it is non-invasive and does not affect air quality. However, research and decisions on resolutions at the local government level say otherwise. So what is the Polish anti-smog act? What not to smoke in fireplaces and stoves? How are local authorities dealing with polluted air? Why is it worth to put on an electric fireplace, which is an excellent pro-ecological option?

Basically, the basics of this act show a clear path with what can be used in boilers and fireplaces, and which fuels and appliances should be avoided in order to improve air quality.
It is recommended to use only high-quality coarse hard coal. Straw briquettes, non-impregnated wood and good quality biofuels are also perfect. The possibility of burning with coal sludge, lignite and unseasoned wood is not allowed. It is also important to avoid smoking with colored paper, which should not even be used as a kindling.

Ecological electric fireplace
The numerous contraindications regarding the use of traditional fireplaces make it necessary to look for an effective alternative. This is where electric fireplaces come to the rescue. Why exactly them?

If you want to have a fireplace that will be 100% ecological, and its use will not be affected by legal provisions, only an electrical device will work one hundred percent. It does not matter what regulations the central authorities come up with, it does not matter how many anti-smog resolutions are introduced by local authorities. An electric fireplace guarantees environmentally friendly behavior. It does not need any fuels or wood, just connect to electricity and enjoy its possibilities.

An electric fireplace is a great idea for people who already have traditional fireplaces. It is precisely about eco-design standards. A lot of people are waiting for the replacement of fireplaces, so that you can smoke in them without any problems. However, often the purchase of a new traditional fireplace, which meets the strict emission standards, may be beyond the financial possibilities. Electric fireplaces therefore become the perfect replacement. They do not cost too much and are a perfect replacement for a traditional device.

A complicated system of development, installation of a traditional fireplace, and on the other hand, trouble-free, quick installation of electric fireplaces. Therefore, when considering replacement, due to the stricter anti-smog regulations, it is worth betting on an electrical device. All you need to do is adjust the model, appropriate housing and connect it to the electricity.

In the era of increasing environmental awareness. In a situation where the regulations are becoming heavier on air polluters, it is worth thinking about effective alternatives. The strict standards for the use of traditional fireplaces make it better to put on an electric fireplace. Identical experiences, and how many benefits for the environment in which one lives.