AFLAMO, manufacturer, producer, fabric, supplier of electric fireplaces. Answers to frequently asked questions

Can an electric fireplace create a fire hazard?

It is not possible. The absence of fire excludes this possibility. If the device is equipped with hot air outlet cover sensors, ignition does not occur.

Does the glass and casing of the electric fireplace get hot?

Nothing like that happens. The devices are designed in such a way that both the glass and the housing do not get hot. Thanks to this, there are no accidental burns to which, for example, children or pets can be exposed.

Does an electric fireplace emit hazardous fumes?

Electric fireplaces, due to the method of producing flame and heat, do not produce exhaust gases, and are therefore completely safe when it comes to use.

Do you have to ensure that the electric fireplace is turned off?

Electric fireplaces are devices equipped, for example, with a timer. Thanks to it, the user can automatically switch the device on and off. This allows you to conveniently set the working time of the fireplace.

Can electric fireplaces be used all year round?

The heating function, its activation is an individual matter for each of you. Everyone decides for himself whether the electric fireplace will use the heating function or whether it should remain off. This is especially important in the warmer months. Not enabling this function allows you to admire the capabilities of the device at any time of the year.

Is the operation of an electric fireplace complicated?

I am talking about devices that are very easy to use. Setting the working time, heating function, choosing flames or other functions should not cause any problems. The whole thing is prepared in an intuitive way, and in case of any doubts, clear instructions come to the rescue.

Is “lighting” an electric fireplace difficult and time-consuming?

None of these things. There are no time-consuming work to be done here, such as preparing the furnace, skilful lighting, maintaining the fire, and carefully extinguishing the fire. There is no need to clean up the ash, soot, because it is simply not there. Electric fireplace owners also do not have to worry about the purchase and storage of wood, which is necessary for traditional fireplaces. You can enjoy the fireplace in your own four walls in an expressive and comfortable way.

How is the AFLAMO electric fireplace controlled?

Modern electric fireplaces can be controlled by a remote control. It is an extremely convenient solution that allows, for example, to change the type or power of the flame without leaving the couch.

Some AFLAMO electric fireplaces, such as Unique, Fusion, Diamond and Insert 23 NH, can be controlled with a dedicated mobile application for mobile phones.

At the same time, electric fireplaces are equipped with a touch panel that disappears 10 seconds after use.

Do the use of electric fireplaces generate high utility costs?

LED technology in AFLAMO fireplaces provides a very low cost of the flame effect, which is about 1-2 gr / h depending on the model.

The window sensor will turn off the heating when it senses a sudden drop in temperature.

Thanks to this, you do not waste money on unnecessary heating.

Do electric fireplaces have intelligent solutions?

They are equipped with them, we are talking about the so-called open window sensor. How does this solution work? Namely, when the detector notices a significant drop in temperature, it will automatically disable the heating option. This way, electricity is not wasted.

Is it difficult to install an electric fireplace?

Electric fireplaces are extremely simple to install. You just need to unpack the device, find a suitable place for it, put it together and plug it in. All works are completed in several dozen minutes. There is no need to think about chimney flues, there is no need to prepare any specialized electrical installations. Wall electric fireplace is mounted using a special mounting strip included in the set with the fireplace.

Does the electric fireplace have the heating function on all the time?

The heating function, its activation and deactivation depends only on the user. It is enough not to turn on the heating in the fireplace and you can enjoy its possibilities, e.g. during the summer months.

Can all fireplaces be built into the wall?

No. You can install electric fireplaces in the wall with hot air discharge from the front, e.g. Royal, Majestic, Unique, Imperial, Mohave Bronze, Mohave Wood, Mohave silver. They are the largest group of wall-mounted fireplaces. We can also install fireplaces in the wall that do not have heating at all, e.g. Pride S, Pride B, Fusion, Albion NH and the insert 23 NH.

A separate group are electric fireplaces only to be hung on the wall. They blow hot air upwards, so it is not recommended to build them into the wall. They should hang on this wall. These fireplaces include Albion, Albion white, Albion silver, Malibu, Malibu white, Modena

Are there electric fireplaces that do not have a heating function?

Yes, in our offer you will find fireplaces such as Pride S, Pride B, Fusion and Insert 23 NH.

Can electric fireplaces be installed everywhere?

It is possible to install an electric fireplace almost everywhere. Since they do not need connections for chimney ventilation or specialized buildings, they are perfect for both houses and small apartments. Nothing prevents you from installing the device in an office, store or restaurant. However, it is worth remembering not to install electric fireplaces in places where there is a high level of moisture, e.g. in bathrooms.

What is the difference between a standing fireplace and a wall mounted fireplace?

Standing fireplaces (a fireplace with a mantel or a freestanding stove) are a device that is very quickly assembled and placed, for example, on the floor. Wall electric fireplaces additionally require a suitable strip to be hung on the wall.

Does an electric fireplace have the same effects as traditional ones?

Each electric fireplace has appropriate functions that guarantee a variety of colors of the flames, as well as a choice of options for differentiating the furnaces. Some of the AFLAMO electric fireplaces also allow you to control the speed of the flame. Therefore, the often untrained eye will not be able to distinguish a traditional fireplace from an electric one.

How long do electric fireplaces work?

The huge lifespan of the LEDs that generate the flame effect makes AFLAMO electric fireplaces work flawlessly for years.