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Electric fireplaces

Electric LED fireplaces AFLAMO - advantages

AFLAMO electric fireplace for every interior
The AFLAMO electric fireplace fits virtually any type of interior. It can be successfully installed at home, apartment, and even in an office or restaurant. They do not require connection of chimney pipes and no chimney acceptance
When choosing models of electric fireplaces, it is enough to find the right amount of space, install or place it, connect to electricity and enjoy its possibilities.

Electric fireplaces to suit any interior design
The multitude of models offered by us means that you can easily find a device that fits perfectly inside. Classic, modern models, large or small. Wall mounted fireplaces, built-in fireplaces with casing
white, stone corner. Freestanding fireplaces and biofireplaces. All this can be found in our offer.

The electric fireplace is clean and easy to use
unlike a traditional wood-burning fireplace, there is no need to store wood with an electric fireplace. After you finish burning in the fireplace, you don't need to look after it, check if everything is out.
There is also no need to clean the fireplace glass. The electric fireplace only needs to be connected to electricity, set up or installed and enjoy the beautiful flame.

Full safety of using electric fireplaces
The effect of the heating glass is problematic with a traditional fireplace. When using electric fireplaces, this phenomenon does not occur. This is especially important when there are small children or pets in the house. They most often stand
burn victims by touching the heated glass of a traditional fireplace.

An electric fireplace can be fun all year round
Electric fireplaces are not limited to work for several months of the year. You can use them over and over again. In the warm months, the heating function of the electric fireplace is simply not activated, selecting only the visual functions of the flame.

Intuitive control of an electric fireplace
You don't need any special measures to make sure your electric fireplace works properly. Adjusting the flame, heating power, turning off the device, all these can be selected via the remote control, and in some models of fireplaces by
mobile application. Thanks to the thermostat, we can set the perfect temperature for ourselves. Traditional fireplaces do not guarantee such possibilities.

Low cost of purchasing and operating electric fireplaces
There is no doubt that the purchase and subsequent use of electric fireplaces is not expensive. Even the best models are several times cheaper than good-quality traditional fireplace inserts. In addition, there are costs associated with them
assembly, which in most cases can be done by yourself. The monthly operating costs, i.e. the flame effect, are also not high.

Ecological attitude, concern for environmental protection
Smoking in traditional fireplaces is not a good solution when it comes to ecology. When fighting smog, it is worth putting on modern electric fireplaces. Fully ecological, functional, they will not pollute the environment.