1. Install the hanger included in the kit the hanger is a strip that is screwed to the “back” of the device. After removing the electric fireplace from the cardboard box, unscrew it (two screws) and fix it on the wall using the supplied wall plugs and screws.

2. Hang the fireplace depending on the size of the wall-mounted electric fireplace, one or two people are enough to raise the device to the appropriate height and place the openings in the fireplace for the protruding elements of the strip mounted on the wall.

  1. Put the firebox first, unscrew the glass, pull out the polystyrene, then insert your favorite hearth and screw the glass.


  1. Enjoy your fireplace connect the power cord to an electrical socket in the wall or floor and enjoy controlling your device with a remote control or an application downloaded on your mobile device. More information on the installation of a wall fireplace is available HERE Easier than hanging the TV on the wall? Definitely!