New Flame Effect Technology AFLAMO PLUS® in Majestic PRO and Royal PRO Fireplaces

We are excited to introduce our latest innovations in electric fireplaces – the Majestic PRO and Royal PRO models, featuring the revolutionary AFLAMO PLUS® flame effect technology. By using brighter, energy-efficient LED lights, our new fireplaces offer the most realistic flame effect we have ever created.

Majestic PRO: Rich Colors and Speeds

The Majestic PRO model impresses with its capabilities. Thanks to AFLAMO PLUS® technology, the fireplace offers up to 10 flame and backlight colors and 3 flame effect speeds, allowing you to perfectly adjust the ambiance in any room. Available sizes are 107, 128, 153, 183, and 213 cm, allowing the fireplace to fit various spaces.

Royal PRO: Compact and Realistic

The Royal PRO model, at just 38 cm in height, is ideal for more compact spaces. Equipped with 3 flame effect colors and 13 backlight colors, this model also stands out with semi-transparent logs that look like glowing wood, further enhancing its realistic appearance. Available sizes are 100, 120, 140, 160, and 180 cm.

The Sound of Burning Wood

Both models feature a built-in speaker that emits the sound of crackling wood. This allows you to enjoy not only the sight of the flame but also authentic sounds that create a cozy atmosphere.

Advanced Control

The Majestic PRO and Royal PRO fireplaces can be controlled via a phone app available for Android and iOS devices. All fireplace functions are accessible from the phone, and additionally, the fireplaces can be turned on and off using voice commands through Amazon Alexa.


The Majestic PRO fireplace is already available for order in our online store here. The Royal PRO fireplace will be available in mid-September this year and can be ordered here.

See the Difference

To see the difference between our previous flame effect and the new, realistic AFLAMO PLUS® effect, we invite you to watch our comparison video on YouTube:

Link to video

We invite you to visit our online store and immerse yourself in the modern, realistic flame effect technology AFLAMO PLUS®, which will bring warmth and elegance to your home.