Decorative fireplaces, i.e. LED fireplaces without heating function, are becoming more and more popular not only in apartments for rent. Also where there is no need for additional heating and the visual effect is what counts. The variability of the color composition, the speed of the flames, the intensity of light or the illumination of the hearth, crystals or pebbles can make us very realistically feel the magic of fire, which relaxes and at the same time adds ENERGY.


Panoramic wall / built-in fireplace with a depth of only 13 cm! With the narrowest frame in our wide range of LED fireplaces. Full front panel made of tempered glass, impressive height of flames, wide range of sizes (widths 92, 115, 127, 153, 165, 183 cm). The fireplace is very easy to install and operated with a remote control.


The Pride series, marked with the letter B, is characterized by a larger frame applied to the front panel, which is also made entirely of glass. Designed for wall mounting and built-in furniture, in which, according to customers, it allows you to bring out all the beauty of this series.

The widths to choose from: 105, 128, 140, 166, 178, 196 cm. Installation and control are the same as in the S series.

Seria Albion NH

A very popular and popular series of our fireplaces in the NH (no heating) version, available in three widths: 90, 110, 128 cm.

Due to the wide frame made by covering the glass front panel, as in the Pride series with black color, it fits perfectly in both modern and classic arrangements, e.g. with the use of stone or stained wood.

Remote control, very simple installation.


The LED 60 NH insert is our answer to the demand for modular fireplaces that can be combined with each other and thus increase the width and thus the effect. In the single version, the sides of the device can be closed with mirror walls that increase the spatial effect inside the fireplace.


The advantage of this device is the ability to connect fireplaces to increase the surface and light effect, achieving widths of 80, 160, 240, 320 cm and more. Remote control and application control on mobile devices. The model is adapted to be hung on the wall or built-in. It does not have a windshield.


This beautifully glowing hearth is perfect as an insert for built-in furniture, but also for use in traditional fireplaces that are no longer used, which receive a second life after the prohibition of burning wood.

The high-quality workmanship of LED fireplaces and the surprisingly realistic visual effect of the flame and glowing logs based on LED lighting convince an increasing number of customers who want to slow down and take a break from everyday life in a hurry.