Is safety, comfort and prestige important to you? You will find all these features in our series of electric fireplaces for demanding people.

In our fireplaces, the heater’s safety sensor will turn off the heating if the hot air outlet is blocked. The fireplace glass does not heat up and is safe for children and animals.

Electric fireplaces do not pollute the interior with soot or ash. Sit back and turn on the fireplace.

Below is an overview of the most exclusive / decorated wooden electric fireplaces with casing.



It has a hand-carved medallion on the front panel of the fireplace, the corners of the fireplace stylized as swan wings and the ends of the fireplace decorated with acanthus leaves.

A solid structure of the furniture thanks to metal joints embedded in hard wood.





Beverly is a large fireplace in white and coffee. On the front it has an elaborate flower pattern with leaves. Its columns are decorated with stylish grooves.

It is a fireplace that impresses every guest with its appearance, and gives the owner incredible pride in having it.




Beautifully decorated casing in the colors of walnut, cherry, oak or white.

It has a very interesting front, there are flowers on it, and the columns are decorated with stripes carved in wood.

It should be added that these fireplaces are available with electric and bio inserts!



The smallest and perhaps the most beautiful in our collection of prestigious fireplaces.

Classic decorations that add white chic and uniqueness sought by people who want their surroundings to be refined in every detail.

The classic will defend itself anytime and anywhere, and in combination with high-quality Aflamo electric inserts, it makes fireplaces highly desirable by people who focus on modern and ecological solutions in their surroundings.