The largest range of wall mounted electric fireplaces in Europe

We have a huge range of wall electric fireplaces so that everyone will find something for themselves.

Fireplaces vary in size, shape, color, number of flame effects, and the number and type of fireplaces (logs, crystals, pebbles).

Available ember beds




The most popular – panoramic wall fireplaces

The largest part of the offer is panoramic electric fireplaces e.g .: Royal, Majestic, Albion – the first two can both be built into the wall and hung on the wall, while the latter can only be hung on the wall.

Fireplaces also differ in appearance. Majestic and Albion have a beautiful black front. Royal is characterized by thin modern frames.

Kominki trójstronne

A separate group of wall fireplaces are three-sided electric fireplaces . They have impressive three-sided fireplaces. Unique, Diamond, Imperial and Fusion fireplaces are available in this group
The main difference between them is the width of the side windows. All fireplaces can be built into the wall. Fusion has no glass

It is worth noting that Fusion, Unique and Diamond can be operated using the dedicated AFLAMO mobile application


Fireplaces without heating function

If you do not care about heating a room, it is worth taking an interest in a group of fireplaces without heating functions, such as Pride B, Pride S, Albion NH and Fusion.


Pride S


Pride B


Varied colors

Black fireplaces are the most popular part of wall fireplaces, but the offer also includes white wall fireplaces (Majestic, Albion, Malibu, Modena).


Unusual shapes

For lovers of unusual shapes, we present vertical models (Mercury and Majestic 39)
The Mercury model can be used in apartments or houses where we do not have a wide wall. A characteristic feature of Mercury is the effective side illumination in as many as 13 colors.

Malibu is an offer for those who appreciate modern shapes. Their design is convex, which makes your interior look unconventional.
These models come in 2 colors and 4 sizes. A fireplace both for hanging and for installation in the wall.


Dame is the first wall-mounted vertical three-sided fireplace in the Aflamo offer. The hearth of the fireplace is filled with ceramic logs that look like real logs on fire.




Unique FeaturesHow to mountFlame ColorsNumber of furnacesBrightness of flameColorsHeatRemoteMobile App
Imperial3-sided ember bedWall mounted / built-in325Black750W / 1500WYesNo
Royalthin framesWall mounted / built-in52noneblack750W / 1500WYesNo
Majesticlarge glass frontWall mounted / built-in334Black, White750W / 1500WYesNo
Albionlarge glass frontWall114Black, White750W / 1500WYesNo
Malibuconvex frontWall325Black, White750W / 1500WYesNo
Modena3-sided ember bedWall324Black, White750W / 1500WYesNo
Damevertical three-sidedWall725Black, White 750W / 1500W YesNo
Unique NHThree-sided hearthWall mounted / built-in325blackYesYes
MercuryverticalWall624black750W / 1500WYesNo
Unique3-sided ember bedWall mounted / built-in32noneblack751W / 1500WYesYes
DiamondframelessWall mounted / built-in62noneblack752W / 1500WYesYes
Albion NHlarge glass frontWall mounted / built-in114blackNoneYesNo
Pride Sultra thin framesWall mounted / built-in353blackNoneYesNo
Pride Bsymmetrical framesWall mounted / built-in353blackNoneYesNo